We offer our clients with a wide variety of display and storage racks for commercial as well as industrial purposes. These are manufactured using qualitative Steel pre-treated and powder coated. This helps in ensuring the durability and optimum strength of the finished products. Retail display racks and industrial storage racks that are at par with international quality standards. Our heavy duty custom racks are designed to give years of service. Whatever you need to store, whether the product is light or heavy, bulky or fragile, we can provide an affordable solution.

Utilizing super-strong frame construction, Jainson racks are made to stand up to rugged everyday use. The sizes are custom designed to your requirements and can be made in virtually and any size.

Storage Racks with bins maximize the space utilization by eliminating random and loose inventory and compacts several shelving systems into a much smaller amount of space. This system is mainly used for keeping a large variety of component storage. This is mostly widely used in industries such as assembly line in any Engineering industry, Pharma, Garments, Accessories, Automobile and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics.

To provide complete assistance to our clients, we also provide installation of these display and storage racks at the client's site.

Pipe and Joints

Jainson Pipe-Joint system is dynamic and flexible modular assembly system having plastic coated steel pipes and metal joints. Being easy to use and extremely flexible it can be tailored into many types of racks, trolleys, workstations, gravity flow racks and even light duty machine structures. A wide variety of angular Joints ensures that it can be quickly fashioned to any shaped bends making the system suitable for a variety of systems. Pipe & Joint system can be used for numerous applications.... Imagine a shape.. and you can make it... try them now !!!

Some common usages are:

  • Workstations
  • Fitting stations
  • Production lines
  • Flow racks
  • Notice boards,
  • sign holders,
  • safety signs
  • Packing tables
  • Assembly stations
  • Carts & trolleys
  • Storage Racks
  • Roller conveyors
Pipe and Joint 1
Pipe and Joint 2
Pipe and Joint 3

Components for Pipe & Joint system

  • Pipes
  • Pipes
  • Pipes
  • Pipes
  • Pipes